Koyo CRS-8-1 Track Roller, Standard Stud, Sealed/Slotted, Inch, Steel, 1/2 Roller Diameter, 0.375 Roller Width, 5/8 Stud Length, #10 Thread Size, 1-1/32 Overall Length, 0.190 Stud Diameter

This steel stud-type track roller bearing with a screwdriver slot and lip seals handles moderate radial and shock loads in cam- and track-type applications. This track roller bearing, also called a cam follower, has a thick-walled outer ring that helps minimize deformation under heavy radial and shock loads. It has a nonseparable, threaded stud-type design for through-hole or threaded mounting, a screwdriver slot on the flange end that helps keep the stud from turning while tightening the mounting nut. This track roller is made of bearing steel treated with black oxide for corrosion protection. Lip seals on both sides of the bearing retain grease applied at manufacture and help protect against contaminants, and internal thrust washers made of self-lubricating resin help reduce sliding friction. Its operating temperatures range from -30 to +0 degrees C. All inch-series stud-type track rollers with a screwdriver slot can be relubricated through the flanged end of the stud. Sizes 2 and larger can also be relubricated through the threaded end of the stud and through a cross-drilled hole in the stud shank. Both stud ends accept a standard nominal inch drive-type grease lubrication fitting (not included). All stud-type track rollers come with lubrication fitting plugs for closing off unused holes. This track roller bearing meets American National Standards Institute/American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ANSI/ABMA) standard 8.2 for quality assurance and is suitable for use in a broad range of applications including process transfer lines, ram support rollers, conveyors, machine tools, and indexing equipment, among others.

Track runner bearings, also called track roller bearings, are rolling element bearings with a thick-walled outer ring that rotates directly on cam and track surfaces. The thick outer ring helps minimize deformation under load stress and enables the bearing to handle heavy rolling and shock loads. Track runner bearings have either a stud-type or yoke-type mounting design. Stud-type track rollers, such as cam followers, have a built-in threaded rod, instead of an inner ring, for either threaded mounting or through-hole mounting onto machine components. Through-hole mounting uses a hexagonal nut on the threaded end to secure the bearing into place. Yoke-type track rollers, such as roller followers, are mounted in a yoke-style housing on a press-fitted or push-fitted shaft or pin. Available in a variety of materials and mounting configurations, track runner bearings are used in a broad range of cam-controlled and linear motion applications including agricultural machinery, conveying equipment, cam drives, material handling equipment, robotics, and automotive equipment, among others.

Bearings USA manufactures bearings, bearing assemblies, and needle rollers for automotive and industrial applications. The company, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Canton, OH, meets International Organization for Standardization Technical Specification (ISO/TS) standard 6949 and ISO standard 400.

Steel, Inch, Sealed/Slotted, Stud, Standard Roller, Track CRS-8-1 Koyo 1/2 Diameter Stud 0.190 Length, Overall 1-1/32 Size, Thread #10 Length, Stud 5/8 Width, Roller 0.375 Diameter, Roller Track Runner Bearings online sale

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