3 x 3.5, 4 Mil,Resealable Plastic Bag Clear Reclosable Zip Bags,Heavy Duty Plastic Reclosable Zipper Bags,Pack of 200

3"x 3.", 4 Mil (Pack of 200) Heavy Duty Plastic Reclosable Zipper Bags
Product Details
Size: 3" W x 3." L (The height is from the zipper to bottom)
Packaging: 200 PCS
Eco-Friendly and Harmless Material
Reclosable Zip Bags are made with polyethylene(PE). These bags are completely ecofriendly, harmless and no smell.
What is Mil?
"Mil" is the plastic thickness. 4 Mil = 0.004",thicker than a standard freezer bag and excellent for heavy duty applications.
High Quality Zip Bags
Strong zipper lock. The single track zip closure strip is easy to seal. Durable and Resealable
Multifunctional Plastic bags
Reclosable bags are an essential organizing tool in any home, garage, office, retail store, warehouse or factory. In addition to food storage, you can package, ship or bag countless items like coins, clothing, pills, spices, jewelry, makeup, game pieces, craft or scrapbooking supplies, fashions, art prints, books or papers, collectibles, toys,merchandise for resale, electronics, tools, or hardware ensuring protection from dust, dirt, and moisture.
Why waste your money on super thin, cheaply made poly bags, when you can use the finest storage bags made of the highest quality of plastic?
Various specifications
Customer are spoilt for choice in vrious specifications,Different size meets different purposes.
We insists on the best quality and price for every single product, meanwhile we promised our best service for every single customer. If you have any question or suggestion, please contact us by mail.

Reclosable Clear Bag Plastic Mil,Resealable 4 3.5, x 3 Zip 200 of Bags,Pack Zipper Reclosable Plastic Duty Bags,Heavy Mail Bags 100% genuine counter guarantee

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