Lifetime 90918 Adventure Tower Playset Swing Set, Blue

Features 5 ft. Tall decking with hard top Tower roof, doorways clubhouse (2), storefronts (4), Rock climbing walls (2), 9 ft. Wavy slide (1), steering wheel (1), trapeze (1), chalk board (1), arched climber (1), car map (1), swings (2) and an anchor kit. 5-Year limited . Let your child's imagination soar as they play on their very own Lifetime Adventure Tower playset! Ideal for children ages 3-12, the adventure Tower will provide the perfect location for your child's physical and mental development. Let them swing in the jungle, climb mt. Everest, or achieve their dreams of becoming an acrobat as they use the many features the adventure Tower comes with. From the slide and swings to the climbing walls and clubhouse, your kids will spend hours outside with friends and family.

Lifetime 90918 Adventure Tower Playset Swing Set, Blue Play & Swing Sets selling well all over the world

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