Conelz Bike Light with Bike Speedometer, USB Rechargeable Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Waterproof Bike Odometer Light Set with Loud Bike Bell, Front Light All Mountain & Road Bike

Headlight brightness: 800 lumens
Lighting mode: High/Low/Flash/SoS
Effective range: 200m
Electronic horn: About 120 dB Lamp
Light working time: 5hrs/10hrs
Computer working time: 3000hrs
Rechargeable Battery: 4000mAh
Charging mode: USB charging
Recharge time: 4hrs
Sensor battery: CR2032
Sensor working time: 12months, 1hr/day
Waterproof: IP65
Weight: about 145g
Size: about 110*40* 35mm

Features: Multi-function three-in-one (code meter + front light + speaker)+Tail Light

Parts List:
( 1 ) 3 in 1 Bike Light
( 2 ) Holder
( 3 ) Spoke Magnet
( 4 ) Installation Kit
( 5 ) Speed Sensor
( 6 ) Lighting And Sound Extension Controller
( 7 ) Extension Controller Fixed Strap
( 8 ) Cable Tie
( 9 ) USB Charging Cable

Wireless Rechargeable USB Speedometer, Bike with Light Bike Conelz Bicycle Bike Road & Mountain All Light Front Bell, Bike Loud with Set Light Odometer Bike Waterproof Speedometer Headlights sale online discount

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