Rosmax Deshedding Tool and Grooming Brush for Dogs and Cats,with Short to Long Hair - Dramatically Reduces Shedding for Small Medium Large Pets

- Grooming is Proven to be healthy for dogs & cats.
Daily grooming using our deshedding tool will allow you to see skin problems early on.
Walking around with that excess hair can be stressful for your also helps to get at itches and other discomforts that your cat or dog may not be able to reach.
- Grooming will keep your cat's or dog's coat shiny and smooth.
Our deshedding tool will help to reduce allergies that can be caused by loose animal hair.
Increases bonding - Animals groom each other to improve social bonding. The same is true when you groom your dog or cat. The bond between you and your pet increases.
In cats, regular grooming will also decrease the frequency of hairballs (cat vomiting). This is because your cat won't have to self-groom as much.
-Grooming Using Our Tool Will Save You Money!
By reducing the amount of loose hair, you will have less damage to your furniture, clothes, carpet etc.
You will save on professional grooming fees!
- You & Your Pet Will be Super Comfortable!
Our dog & cat hair brush is designed to snugly fit into your hand..You will love how easy it is to use!
Your Pet Will Love it..It has been designed to be as comfortable as possible on your pet's coat.
- 60-Day Money Back & 1 Year Warranty
If you are not happy within 60 days we will refund or replace the product.
DISCLAIMER - This brush should not be used on cats/dogs that do not shed fur.

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