ND Filters for DJI FPV Drone,Professional Level ND8 ND16 ND32 ND64 Lens Filters Set,Multi Coated Filters Combo Compatible with DJI FPV Drone Accessories(4 Pcs)

This premium filter set have gone through a nanometer double-sided, multi-layer vacuum coating process,uses imported AGC optical glass,has excellent hand-grinding technology, good physical and chemical properties,Take better shots for your FPV drone.
How to select ND filters for your FPV Drone under different lighting conditions?
ND8 filter
The ND8 filter helps to limit the amount of light entering the camera lens by 3 f-stops, making it effective to capture excellent quality footage in slightly cloudy skies.
ND16 filter
The ND16 filter is designed to reduce the amount of light entering the camera lens by 4 f-stops, which makes it essential for capturing sharper images in normal bright daylight conditions.
ND32 filter
The ND32 filter from is meant to reduce the amount of light hitting the camera sensor by 5 f-stops, making it the right choice for capturing amazingly clear images in brightest sunlit conditions.
ND64 filter
The ND64 filter reduces light entering the lens by 6 f-stops; By reducing the light coming in, is an excellent choice of filter for capturing objects in motion effectively. It helps to slow down the shutter speed to a level which adds a natural‘blur’motion to the captured object.
Package includes
1 x DJI FPV ND8 Filter
1 x DJI FPV ND16 Filter
1 x DJI FPV ND32 Filter
1 x DJI FPV ND64 Filter
1 x Storage Box

Coated Set,Multi Filters Lens ND64 ND32 ND16 ND8 Level Drone,Professional FPV DJI for Filters ND Filters Pcs) Accessories(4 Drone FPV DJI with Compatible Combo Filter Sets quality product

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