Copper Infused No Show Socks for Men and Women Non-slip Moisture Absorption Low Cut Socks 3,6,9 Pack-White, Gray, Black

Have you come across smelly socks? Are you always troubled with the “wet feet”?

Yes, you have, you know and you are.

And of course you want to avoid all of these, you just want to find a way out…

J&Q is the way out. J&Q is a professional brand of functional socks, we have rich experiences in both copper technology and socks. We ensure you a better life in socks wearing – which is great for training, sports, daily wear or simply relaxing.

Compression clothing with inter-woven copper does appear to have beneficial effects on the skin.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information, part of the US National Institutes of Health, has a number of articles on the subject that support the efficacy of compression clothing containing embedded microscopic copper oxide particles. I'll briefly summarize them:

* Using Copper to Improve the Well-Being of the Skin: "This article reviews clinical studies that show that the use of textile consumer and medical device products, embedded with microscopic copper oxide particles, improve the well-being of the skin. These include studies showing
a) cure of athlete’s foot infections and improvement in skin elasticity, especially important for individuals suffering from diabetes;
b) reduction of facial fine line and wrinkles;
c) enhancement of wound healing by copper oxide embedded socks. The manuscript also reviews and discusses the mechanisms by which the presence of copper in these products improves skin well-being."

We should note that other studies published by the NIH/NCBI showed dramatic improvement in foot appearance after wearing copper-containing socks. Some of the studies included photographs that clearly showed improvements in the skin appearance.

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Socks Show No Infused Copper for Black Gray, Pack-White, 3,6,9 Socks Cut Low Absorption Moisture Non-slip Women and Men No Show & Liner Socks,Socks & Hosiery 100% free shipping

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