LAIBOREC Fishing Barrel Snap Swivel, Rolling Bearing Fishing Swivel Connector, 200PCS Fishing Accessories Kit for Quick Connect Fishing Lures

LAIBOREC Fishing Barrel Swivels with Safety Snap Interlock Snaps and Rolling Bearing Fishing
Swivel Connectors 200PCS Premium Fishing Gear Equipment
★Excellent metal material with electroplating treatment, more durable.
★Connector snaps for quick connection of various fishing hooks, and quick replacement of
various baits.
★Barrel swivel delivers infinite smooth rotation, easy and flexible rotation.
★Rolling bearing swivel can spin without limit. Say goodbye to line twist.
Barrel Snap Swivel Fishing Connector
#2| LB.test 57lb | Total Length: 1.95in - QTY: 15pcs
#4| LB.test 49lb | Total Length: 1.91in - QTY: 15pcs
#6| LB.test 40lb | Total Length: 1.73in - QTY: 20pcs
#8| LB.test 31lb | Total Length: - QTY: 30pcs
#10| LB.test 26lb | Total Length: 1.26in - QTY: 20pcs
Rolling Bearing Fishing Swivel Connector
#1/0| LB.test 126lb | Total Length: 0.82in - QTY: 15pcs
#2| LB.test 97lb | Total Length: 0.75in - QTY: 15pcs
#4| LB.test 83lb | Total Length: 0.63in - QTY: 20pcs
#6| LB.test 66lb | Total Length: 0.5in - QTY: 30pcs
#8| LB.test 44lb | Total Length: 0.43in - QTY: 20pcs
200 x Barrel Snap Swivel and Rolling Bearing Fishing Swivel Connectors
1 x Reusable and Portable Plastic Packaging Box
Snaps and swivels can be disconnected and used individually. 3 in 1 use.
Please confirm the size carefully before purchasing fishing swivel connectors.
Sharp small parts, keep away from children!

Swivel, Snap Barrel Fishing LAIBOREC Rolling Lures Fishing Connect Quick for Kit Accessories Fishing 200PCS Connector, Swivel Fishing Bearing Swivels & Snaps for cheap

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