TroLase Metallic (Smooth Gold/Black, 1/16)

TroLase Metallic Plus is an acrylic based laminate with an authentic metallic-looking finish. Benefiting from a thin top layer, it enables detailed engraving at high production speeds. Engraving this material is easy and can be done in high production speed because of its thin top layer. The processing time is minimal with little need for cleaning because the material produces very next to no residue. TroLase is compatible with laser engravers and rotary engravers and is manufactured in the USA. Additional Information= Full sheet (24.25” x 49”) and half sheet (24.25” x 24.25”) sizes, adhesive backing options, as well as large volume order discounts, are available through our direct webshop- Additionally, Trotec offers an expansive line of consumable materials compatible with laser engravers and rotary engravers through our direct webshop, which is comprised of laminates, foil/sticker, wood, acrylic, and paper. The broad material portfolio includes products in a vast range of colors and options for a wide variety of applications. About Trotec= At Trotec, we have over 20 years’ experience in both laserable and mechanical engraving materials, providing us with unrivaled knowledge to share with our clients. We aim to assist our customers in improving profitability and productivity by supplying Trotec materials which offer superior results, offering additional services and providing a one-stop shop solution for materials and laser machines.

TroLase Metallic 1/16) Gold/Black, (Smooth Etching Materials,Etching Supplies choices with low price

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