Ginu U.S. Army 18th Engineer Brigade Veteran Tire Covers Waterproof Tire Protectors Tire Covers Fits 14 to 17

U.S. Army 18th Engineer Brigade Veteran
Cover Size Guide:\r\n
\r\nCover Size 14" Fits For Tire Diameter 60~69cm\r\n
\r\nCover Size 15" Fits For Tire Diameter 70~75cm\r\n
\r\nCover Size 16" Fits For Tire Diameter 76~79cm\r\n
\r\nCover Size 17" Fits For Tire Diameter 80~83cm\r\n
\r\nHow To Calculate Your Tire Diameter?\r\n
\r\nStep 1: Find Your Tire Parameter. It¡¯s Written On Your Tire Side\r\n
\r\nStep 2: Calculate Your Tire Diameter\r\n
\r\nIf Your Tire Is Written With P215/60R16, A=215 B=60 C=16.\r\n
\r\nTire Diameter=A*B/500+C*2.54 =215*60/500+16*2.54 =66.44cm\r\n
\r\nYou Need To Buy The 14" Cover.

Covers Tire Veteran Brigade Engineer 18th Army U.S. Ginu Waterproof 17 to 14 Fits Covers Tire Protectors Tire Tire Covers,Auto Accessories cheap store

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