SUNLITE 25w 120v Krypton Candelabra Torpedo bulbs

, 25 watt incandescent candelabra based torpedo tip chandelier Krypton long Life bulb works with most 120 volt lighting fixtures, will provide 200 lumens of light output, and will last for an average of 0.9 years. This bulb features a Torpedo Tip clear finish that provides a bright, crisp light. Krypton bulbs create a bright white light, similar to halogen lamps. Unlike halogen lamps, however, which do not work well with dimmers, Krypton bulbs like standard incandescent ones work perfectly with light dimmers. Also, they last longer than standard incandescent bulbs, maintaining their lumen output for the full course of their life. Incandescent lighting is commonly used for decorative, office, residential, commercial and special purpose lamps. These bulbs are also great for decorative and special purpose lighting applications.

Product Features
- 25-Watt. 120-Volt
- 200 Lumens
- 3000 Hours Average Lamp Life
- Candelabra Base

SUNLITE 25w 120v Krypton Candelabra Torpedo bulbs Krypton & Xenon Bulbs,Light Bulbs come to choose your own sports style

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