GoolRC DIY Portable 12V Battery Energy Storage Spot Welding Machine Pen PCB Circuit Board Welding Current 90A~130A

This circuit will become a storage spot welding machine for lithium battery, nickel-chromium battery and other nickel sheet welding, according to different configurations can be welded thickness of 0.MM-0.2mm.

Users need to supply 2V battery power, welding current is about 90A~30A.
DIY Portable 2V Battery Energy Storage Spot Welder Machine for electronic enthusiasts.
System voltage: 2V-4.6V (capacity X rate = must be greater than 0A).
It is recommend to install the product by the people who have basic electrical knowledge and hands-on ability.
New and high-quality. Portable&stable, reliable and durable.

System Voltage: 2V-4.6V
Working Current: 90-0A
Welding Current: 90A~30A
Package size: 9*2cm
Package weight: 32g

Package include:
X Main circuit board
X Buzzer
2 X Input wire
2 X Output wire (with 2 soldering pens)


Energy Battery 12V Portable DIY GoolRC Storage 90A~130A Current Welding Board Circuit PCB Pen Machine Welding Spot Universal Joints,Universal Joints & Parts cheap designer brands

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