60 Pack Plastic Sliding Cord Locks Toggle Stopper String Clamp Spring Fastener Paracord Push Stop Lock Slider Button for Drawstrings, Shoelaces, Bags, Pants, Jacket, Accorted Colors

This cord locks widely used for elastic bungee cord, drawstrings, lanyard, backpack, luggage, clothing, pants, jacket, sportswear, shoelace, tent and more.
Material: Plastic
Assorted Colors: Black, White, Red, Light Blue, Pink, Green, Grey(Random Color)
Size: 0.6 x 0.8"
Hole Diameter : 0.23inch (6mm)
Packing Includes:
60 x Accorted Colors Cord Lock Spring Stopper

Pants, Bags, Shoelaces, Drawstrings, for Button Slider Lock Stop Push Paracord Fastener Spring Clamp String Stopper Toggle Locks Cord Sliding Plastic Pack 60 Jacket, Colors Accorted Cord Locks,Fasteners outlet online

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