Uplord Drawing Tools & Drafting Kits for Students Divider Drawing Drafting Architecture,All in One Multi-Function Drawing Tool Versatile Utensil

Product selling point:

    It’s an artist’s, engineer’s, designer’s, architect’s, student’s, and general human’s best friend.

    The isn’t just a stationery tool, it’s a real tool too. It packs a pen-stand, rounder/compass, wrench, scale, bottle opener, and drawing guide all in one.

    There are two very clear ways of looking at the. It serves the purpose of a drawing tool, and it also works as an EDC tool.

    The comprises two utility modules, a straight ruler with linear perforations, and a second abstract ruler with a curved profile, drawing guides, a set of wrenches, and a bottle opener. These modules can be used independently as you would a scale or a french curve ruler, but things get more interesting when you introduce base to the mix.

    There’s a lot the can do. It can let you make perfect lines, arcs, circles, measure drawings, make mandala patterns, and even let you rest your pen/pencil in it when you’re taking a break.


    Material:Stainless steel + magnet

    Size:about long 8cm

Product include:

    1 Set Drawing Tool

Drafting & Tools Drawing Uplord Kits Utensil Versatile Tool Drawing Multi-Function One in Architecture,All Drafting Drawing Divider Students for Compasses the newest

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