Hydrographics Film Water Transfer Printing Film Hydro Dipping Dip Film Hydrographic Film Hydro Dip Blue Eye Vampire Skull Film (Linear Meter (19 X 38))

High Resolution Hydrographics Printing Film – With Crisp, Clear Graphics

Hydrographics printing is an at-home printing process that will transfer a design from a film onto any hard surface that can safely be submerged underwater. This incredible process creates amazing decorative patterns and images on ATVs, trucks, cars, motorcycles, sporting goods, electronics, hunting equipment, firearms, housing décor and anything else you can imagine.

This design "Blue Eye Vampire Skull”, is a hydrographic pattern that makes any hard object look like new again. Because it’s a tight pattern, it works perfectly with objects of any size

Great For New and Experience Dippers

Never done hydrographic printing before? Don’t worry – Our products are some of best on the market. You won’t get any of the problems that you could face with inferior films, like creasing or bunching up. The activator we sell works great with our films, We provide easy to follow instructions that helps anyone new to the hydrographic process. You’ll be delighted with the results, no matter which object you choose to print.

We’re confident that you’ll be delighted with this hydrographic film. After extensive testing, we believe it’s the highest quality kit on the market today. If you don’t agree, for any reason at all, then simply let us know and we’ll be happy to give you a full and immediate refund. We’re taking on all the risk, so you can try this kit risk free. You’ll be glad you did.

Get The Best Hydrographic Film On The Market – Accept No Substitutes – Pick Up This "Blue Eye Vampire Skull" today!

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We offer a variety of Film options in multiple sizes! We carry Hydro dip Film in Flames, Skulls, Carbons, Camouflage, Animal Skins, Cartoons, Flags and many more!!!

Blue Dip Hydro Film Hydrographic Film Dip Dipping Hydro Film Printing Transfer Water Film Hydrographics Eye 38)) X (19 Meter (Linear Film Skull Vampire Screen Printing Kits store

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