KAF Home Set of 12 White WRINKLED Flour Sack Kitchen / Chef Towels, 100-Percent Cotton, Absorbent, Extra Soft (28 x 28-Inches)

WRINKLED format (commonly used as Kitchen/Chef Towels): The fabric is bleached and dipped in alkali. This helps with the development of wrinkles. The fabric is then Calendered where the fabric is passed through two heated rollers to kind of set the wrinkles. The fabric is then washed and dried. FLAT Format (ideal for Embroidery, Tie-Dye, Shibori, Screen Printing): The fabric is bleached and then passed through the stenter machine to dry and its then pre shrunk. Since the fabric is not dipped in alkali the wrinkles don’t form. The stentering process keeps the fabric flat.

White 12 of Set Home KAF WRINKLED 28-Inches) x (28 Soft Extra Absorbent, Cotton, 100-Percent Towels, Chef / Kitchen Sack Flour Dish Cloths & Dish Towels welcome to order

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