Telescope 70mm Apeture 400mm AZ Refractor Scope- Travel Scope for Kids and Beginners with Backpack, Tripod and Smartphone Adapter to View Moon and Planet

Good Partner 70mm Apeture 400mm AZ Telescope to View Moon and Planet and fun with your families and friends.
This telescope is a compact and universal telescope with bright image quality and high magnification power. Very suitable for kids and beginners to explore the vast sky,the moon, the planet, star clusters .At the same time you can watch endless landscapes, mountains, rivers, flowers and birds, animals.
This telescope is the best gift to teach children nature and life.
Our telescope allows children to stay away from electronic products. Children have many doubts about the moon, let them explore, they will find joy. Therefore, the telescope can properly develop the children's astronomy hobby.
Telescope setup and all included accessories fit in the custom, designed backpack carry case.
Its light weight of just 6.5 lbs. makes it easy for kids and beginners to take the telescope anywhere.
Suitable for watching the moon and planets,with a portable backpack, your good partner.
Take pictures of the moon, the beautiful scenery with the Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter. fun with your families and friends.
Optical design:Refractor
Aperture:70mm (2.75 inch)
Focal length:400mm (15.7 inch)
Focal length:F 5.7
Eyepiece: K20mm, K9mm
Finder scope:5 x 24
Diagonal:45 ° erect prism diagonal
Resolution: ≤ 3.1
Viewing angle:2 ° 24
Tripod:Aluminum alloy tripod
Delivery weight: 3.2 kg
Item size: 24. x .26 x 4.33 inch
Package include:
1X Telescope
1X Backpack
1X Tripod
1X 45 Degree diagonal mirror
1X Finder Scope
1X K20mm Eyepiece
1X K9mm Eyepiece
1X 10mm Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter

Backpack, with Beginners and Kids for Scope Travel Scope- Refractor AZ 400mm Apeture 70mm Telescope Tripod Planet and Moon View to Adapter Smartphone and Refractors general high quality

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