Steel Thread Cutting Screw, Zinc Plated, 82 Degree Flat Undercut Head, Phillips Drive, Type F, #12-24 Thread Size, 5/8 Length (Pack of 100)

The steel thread cutting screw has a zinc plating, a Type F point style, and an 8-degree flat undercut head with a Phillips drive. The type F point is suitable for heavy gauge sheet metal, aluminum, cast iron, brass, and plastic. The screw has machine screw threads that taper down to a blunt point with multiple cutting edges and chip cavities. Steel is often used in applications where strength is the primary consideration. The zinc plating offers corrosion resistance and has a reflective appearance. The flat undercut head has a flat top with an 8-degree cone-shaped bearing surface and is undercut to a lower head height for use in shallow countersunk holes. The Phillips drive has an x-shaped slot that accepts a Phillips driver and is designed to allow the driver to slip out of the head to help prevent over-tightening and damage to the thread or fastener.

Thread cutting and thread rolling screws, two types of self-tapping screws, are threaded fasteners that create a mating thread in the wall of a hole. The two screws differ from each other in the way that they create the threads. Thread cutting screws cut the wall of the hole to create the thread, creating material chips that need to be cleared away from the hole to prevent clogging. Thread rolling screws, also called thread forming screws, do not remove material but instead press against the wall of the hole to displace the material and form the threads.

Length 5/8 Size, Thread #12-24 F, Type Drive, Phillips Head, Undercut Flat Degree 82 Plated, Zinc Screw, Cutting Thread Steel (Pack 100) of Thread Forming & Cutting Screws,Screws 100% free shipping

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