Juried Engineering Texas Instruments NE5532P NE5532 Dual Low-Noise High-Speed Audio Operational Amplifier Op Amp Breadboard-Friendly IC DIP-8 (Pack of 20)

The NE5532 devices are high-performance operational amplifiers combining excellent DC and AC characteristics. They feature very low noise, high output-drive capability, high unity-gain and maximum-output-swing bandwidths, low distortion, high slew rate, input-protection diodes, and output short-circuit protection.
These operational amplifiers are compensated internally for unity-gain operation. These devices have specified maximum limits for equivalent input noise voltage. The NE5532 devices have a 0-MHz unity-gain bandwidth.

Operational Audio High-Speed Low-Noise Dual NE5532 NE5532P Instruments Texas Engineering Juried Amplifier 20) of (Pack DIP-8 IC Breadboard-Friendly Amp Op Restraint Ropes & Lanyards,Fall Protection big sale

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