Red Hound Auto 2 Control Knobs HVAC, Temperature, Fan Speed Switch, Vent Selector Exact Custom Fit 1999-2006 Compatible with Jeep Wrangler TJ Climate Adjust Black

2 Premium Manual Control Knobs, Designed for a perfect fit; Control Knob for HVAC, Temperature, Fan Speed Switch, Vent Selector; Both knobs are identical (same size); Direct replacement for missing or damaged control knob; Compatible with Jeep/Dodge Ram Van (- Wrangler TJ, - Van 500/2500/500); Note: Will NOT fit models with slide controls, Not compatible with Wrangler - models; Premium Automotive Grade Black Plastic

Fit Custom Exact Selector Vent Switch, Speed Fan Temperature, HVAC, Knobs Control 2 Auto Hound Red 1999-2006 Black Adjust Climate TJ Wrangler Jeep with Compatible Air Conditioning & Heater Control order now enjoy big discount

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