Vortex Propeller Series A

Corporation has one goal - to produce the finest propellers possible, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Since its founding in 90, has dedicated itself to upholding that mission while offering boaters tremendous value.

With almost 00 years of experience as the marine propulsion industry leader, continues to make the custom-crafted propeller you buy off the shelf. The unmatched performance and the wide variety of styles and types in Michigan propellers offer boaters a single source for propellers that are custom made for every kind of pleasure craft in the water. Whatever your particular demands, can fit you with the right, hand-crafted propeller.

Why Simply Replace When You Can Upgrade?
Welcome to the st Century, and with it, 's new Vortex Propellers and the XHS Exchangeable Hub System. These High performance aluminum replacement props feature high gloss, black, powder coat finish. Precision balanced blades significantly reduce vibration while the propeller's cupped trailing edge extends past the blade to better grab and hold water, dramatically enhancing performance and efficiency. Vortex carefully engineered each propeller blade to be thin enough to maximize performance while providing long lasting durability. And the high performance blade geometry found in these props feature a higher rake and a progressive pitch design to deliver a better combination of top end speed and dead start acceleration. Using a flared hub design Vortex propellers keep exhaust from causing speed robbing ventilation blow-out.

Exchangeable Hub System EHS
Vortex propellers are designed to use 's XHS hub system or Mercury's Flo-Torq hub system. Meaning, you can purchase multiple pitch/diameter combination propellers to work with a single hub for significant savings. Plus, if you had a Mercury Flo-Torq hub system supplied as original equ

Vortex Propeller Series A Propellers sale with high discount

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