Stainless Steel 304 Hypodermic Tubing, 23 Gauge, 0.02525 OD, 0.01725 ID, 0.004 Wall, 12 Length

Type 304 stainless steel full hard, TIG welded and drawn tubing is a hard-tempered, small-bore tubing used to make spacers, needles, guide wire assemblies, cannulas, capillary tubing and other products. It is widely applied in the medical, mechanical, electronic, chemical and aeronautical fields. Commonly called seamless because of its cosmetic appearance, Hypodermic Tubing 304 is actually welded and drawn and is full hard, but can be annealed in an inert atmosphere. The annealing point is 1,950 degree F 1,065 degree C. The dimensional tolerance is uniform over the piece length. Hypodermic tubing gauges are based on the Birmingham Gage, also known as Stubs Iron Wire Gage. It has a bright finish.

23 Tubing, Hypodermic 304 Steel Stainless Gauge, Length 12 Wall, 0.004 ID, 0.01725 OD, 0.02525 Metal Tubing,Tubing best fashion

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